Algebra and Number Theory: An Integrated Approach

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FAQ Policy. The surveys provided can serve as an introduction for them and offer guidance for further study. Show all. Table of contents 15 chapters Table of contents 15 chapters Beauville surfaces without real structures Pages Bauer, Ingrid et al. Couniformization of curves over number fields Pages Bogomolov, Fedor et al.

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Algebra and Number Theory : Martyn R. Dixon :

New Releases. Categories: Algebra Number Theory. Description Explore the main algebraic structures and number systems that play a central role across the field of mathematics Algebra and number theory are two powerful branches of modern mathematics at the forefront of current mathematical research, and each plays an increasingly significant role in different branches of mathematics, from geometry and topology to computing and communications.

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Based on the authors' extensive experience within the field, Algebra and Number Theory has an innovative approach that integrates three disciplines-linear algebra, abstract algebra, and number theory-into one comprehensive and fluid presentation, facilitating a deeper understanding of the topic and improving readers' retention of the main concepts. The book begins with an introduction to the elements of set theory.

Algebra and Number Theory: An Integrated Approach by Martyn R. Dixon (English) H

Next, the authors discuss matrices, determinants, and elements of field theory, including preliminary information related to integers and complex numbers. Subsequent chapters explore key ideas relating to linear algebra such as vector spaces, linear mapping, and bilinear forms.

The book explores the development of the main ideas of algebraic structures and concludes with applications of algebraic ideas to number theory. Interesting applications are provided throughout to demonstrate the relevance of the discussed concepts. In addition, chapter exercises allow readers to test their comprehension of the presented material.

Introduction to Number Theory

Algebra and Number Theory is an excellent book for courses on linear algebra, abstract algebra, and number theory at the upper-undergraduate level. It is also a valuable reference for researchers working in different fields of mathematics, computer science, and engineering as well as for individuals preparing for a career in mathematics education.

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