Cyberwar and Information Warfare

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Cyberwar and Information Warfare [Book]

Disinformation campaigns and propaganda can both delude the enemy and influence what the public perceive to be true. For example, the notion of the Minds and Hearts operations is aiming at making America and US values appetising to the targets. Furthermore to disseminating information, denial of access to information is a tool in cyber warfare. However, in the cyber epoch, control of information flow is complex and at times impossible Warren, The pervasive existence of the mass media has made governments to learn about the significance of perception management in a hard way.

Due to the advancement in technology, opportunities for social media have made us intermediates, producers and also objects of Information War. Any information, be it facts or rumours, spreads faster and free in the cyber age.

Cyber Warfare and its relationship to Information Warfare (Part 1)

There are three key important things to note about cyber war and information operations. First, drawing the boundary between preparing for cyber warfare and the real fighting is hard. We exist in the thin area between peace and war. Secondly, dynamic cyber operations can evoke any conflict.

Anonymous - The Truth About Cyber Warfare

For instance, Israel has put much emphasis on social media of late. Thirdly, the intelligence groups use cyberspace to get and manipulate information. Information War not only affect public opinion but also what people take to be the truth in any exchange of information.

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The high levels of decision making in the political arena increases information manipulation. Today, the manipulation of perception is already fussed with intelligence and military deception, cyber espionage, and destructive or disruptive cyber operations. Good historical overview of cyberwarfare and its evolution. The book War is interesting because of its focus on the civilian interaction of the cyber-conflict.

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Cyber Warfare and its relationship to Information Warfare (Part 2)

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