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Making it worse though is you can really diminish, if not just outright cripple your youth as you try to save for your old age. However, they feel so guilty for not contributing to a retirement program, they end up contributing anyway even though it impoverishes them today. I have yet to meet Aaron in real life, but I can only assume that he is one cheery motherfucker.

His prose, if not particularly flashy, conveys his arguments with a relentless, infectious sunniness that will almost make you want to quit your job right on the spot. For example, Clarey is the only guy I know who can write about euthanasia and make it seem like a real fun time. That slaving away at some cubicle job so they can feed a fat wife and 2. The country would collapse!

Enjoy the Decline: Accepting and Living with the Death of the United States (Unabridged)

Like a battered wife crawling back to her abusive husband again and again, right-wingers maintain a misguided sense of loyalty to a country that has done nothing but screw them over. The banks are picking your pockets. The politicians are flooding your cities with illiterate third world labor and sending your sons to die in pointless wars. Why should you give a fuck whether these venal degenerates who have done nothing but lie to, cheat and steal from you your entire life live or die? Indeed, he devotes an entire chapter of the book on how you can become the best man you can be, in part by working out, developing a cool lifestyle and not knocking up any hood rats:.

This means you have to develop a skill or a trade. This means you have to develop hobbies and interests that are not common, but still unique and interesting to you. This means you have to consider others and how you interact with them. It also means you must polish yourself, your actions, and your demeanor. Pat Robertson would say about liberals. They change their minds too often.

Whatever I do is wrong. That's the deal. Matey's guide for life is not so far removed from my own. Personally however I still want a house and wife and kids. But no costly failed marriages. Some things are still worth being tied to. Some things are still worth working extra for.

Meditate, brother! It is a fundamental tennet of my culture that I'm not ruled by anyone elses sense of moral or civic obligation. You'd be surprised how quickly my countrymen are united into a nation by any attempts to make us into "citisens". How entirely selfless I feel those millions of people who gave their lives to this communal end are. The mistake here is to think that an end to freedom is something we all clamour for. We here are more typically socially united against this goal than for it.

And how selfish you would have to be to try and enforce your own moral sentiments on so many others who do not share them. You are right. I think the author understands this nor does he expect everybody to act like this. People still are going to want the mortgages and all that. All the expensive toys. What he is saying is that there are a few intelligent folks who can break away from the crowd to their advantage.

That being said frugal people could never make it if everybody else was frugal. They need the waste in society. Case in point when the recession happened more people bought used cars and used car prices went up. I was lucky in that I realized very early in the game that I had the option of choosing that the coin of my life be either money or time. I opted for time which seemed immeasurably more valuable than money.

Simply put, the amount of money that it is possible for a person to have is pretty much unlimited while the amount of time one may have is limited. Now, I ask you, which is of greater value?

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Accordingly, I have always tried to spend as little time as possible at stupid and distasteful pastimes such as "working". I lived way below my means, avoided debt, stole time not money, and saved my excess money to purchase not material items but to purchase I "retired" asap and have not looked back. I had no children but did find that owning rental units, mortgage free, in carefully chosen locations was very helpful. Look around you at how miserable most folks are. They did what they were susposed to do. If you like misery, do as they do. Live in a small apartment or buy a small house.

Drive only used cars, bike anywhere less than four miles away, buy a motorcycle or scooter. Save big money on gas.

Start a side business and maybe work a part time job. Buy major medical instead of high end insurance. Obamacare exchanges will make it even more possible not to worry about income. There will be an incentive to keep income down health care subsidies. As a rule I think taxes tend to eat away at a lot of the advantages of wealth.

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Finally if you live a wealthy lifestyle you come to need bosses, make your bosses need you instead. Shop at Aldi or discount stores. Buy a Kindle and download cheap or free books.

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Most of the classics are free on kindle. Buy everything used. That's not difficult to do. I don't believe this. You guys freed Iraq and Afghanistan not too long ago. Yes, you have elected Obama and that was a huge mistake, but it was not the first time that the US have elected an idiot Jimmy Carter, Warren Harding. As you said: "History is cyclical. Right now it is, but something can happen in the next 5 years.

Who would have predicted in that the Berlin Wall would fall in ?

Humans are unpredictable and this singular trait is mirrored in our history, for bad and for good. It's definitely not difficult to do. But I don't think we should avoid working and earning a lot of money only because a bunch of socialist maniacs decided to steal chunks of money from our pockets to fund welfare for lazy people. This sounds like resignation to me. We shouldn't base our life decisions on which stupid laws and regulations the socialists are creating or not.

Aaron Clarey gives too much importance to socialists. Not marry because the feminazis ruined women's pattern of thinking? This is ridiculous! They are still women after all and most of them will change after watching a romantic movie. Why not living like a monk and being incredibly rich at the same time? You can even use your money to fund NGOs fighting socialism. These pictures above show Warren Buffett's house and car. He bought this house in and still lives there today.