John Calvin : a heart for devotion, doctrine & doxology

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Published in conjunction with the five-hundredth anniversary of Calvin s birth , John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology offers a highly readable portrait of a man whose example and teaching remain vitally relevant even in the twenty-fi rst century.

What will you build your life on? With startling transparency, Joshua Harris shares how we can rediscover the relevance and power of Christian truth.

John Calvin

This is book shows a young man who rose quickly to success in the Christian evangelical world before he realized his spirituality lacked a foundation—it rested more on tradition and morality than on an informed knowledge of God. For the indifferent or spiritually numb, Harris's humorous and engaging reflections on Christian beliefs show that orthodoxy isn't just for scholars—it is for anyone who longs to know the living Jesus Christ.

As Harris writes, "I've come to learn that theology matters. It matters not because we want to impress people, but because what we know about God shapes the way we think and live. Theology matters because if we get it wrong then our whole life will be wrong.

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What difference does it make that Jesus was both human and divine? How does Jesus's death on the cross pay for my sins?

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Who is the Holy Spirit and how does he work in my life? With grace and wisdom, Harris will inspire you to revel in the truth that has captured his own mind and heart.

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He will ask you to dig deep into a faith so solid you can build your life on it. He will point you to something to believe in again.

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Sola Scriptura, the formal principle of the Protestant Reformation, is essential to genuine Christianity, for it declares that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the church's only rule of faith and practice. Yet this doctrine is under assault today as never before, both from outside and and inside the church. In manifold ways, both blatant and subtle, the idea is being put forth that the Bible is inadequate for the needs of modern man.

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Such suggestions represent an attack on the very foundations of the Christian faith. Sproul, Derek W.

They also explain where the attacks on the Bible are coming from and show how those who accept the Bible as God's inspired Word should respond. Sola Scriptura: The Protestant Position on the Bible is a treasure trove of information and a comfort to those who grieve to see the twenty-first-century church wandering away from the safe harbor of the Bible. Their lives witness to the preciousness of Christ and the importance of purity.

Will the Real John Calvin Please Stand Up?

Expect no bombast. Expect humble, measured admiration and wise application. This a good way to meet John Calvin: in the holy hearts of humble servants of Christ. If you have a different device that one listed here, please check with the manufacturer to ensure it can read ePub files. After purchasing the eBook, you will be directed to your Dashboard you must set up a Ligonier account to access your Dashboard and all electronic files.

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