Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability: A Practical Manual

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It emphasizes that parents need to manage their own stress in order to help their children. It is about supporting consumers when someone dies. The narrator shares her experiences caring for people who have diabetes along with a developmental disability or a mental illness. Diagnostic Dilemmas This DVD is about how hard it can be to identify mental health problems in people who have an intellectual disability. This CD introduces the idea of credentialing DSPs who understand how to support people who have both intellectual and mental health disabilities. Dual Diagnosis: A Guide for Caregivers This on-line guidebook explains the dual diagnosis of intellectual disability and mental illness.

It is written at a very technical level. Growing Older with A Developmental Disability: Physical and Cognitive Changes And Their Implications This web based article explains the changes that happen for people with disabilities as they grow older. It is meant for adolescents but has good ideas for everyone. Health Reform Hub This website provides up to date information on the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare and how it impacts people with disabilities. Intellectual Disability and Depression This fact sheet talks about depression and people with intellectual disabilities.

It can be used to train staff. Medline Plus A website with health information. Mental Health Issues and Down Syndrome This webpage covers how mental health issues may affect children with Down syndrome. Topics include cultural diversity, sexuality, and disability etiquette. It does this by telling the stories of four adolescents who have FASD. Mythconceptions about Sexuality and the Disabled This DVD expalins things people do not understand about disability and sex. Normal and Pathological Anxiety in Intellectual Disabilities This CD is about anxiety in people with intellectual disabilities, Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder This book provides information about young children who have sensory processing difficulties.

Overview of Dual Diagnosis. Current Practice and Therapeutic Relationships This CD is about what truly helps people who have intellectual and mental health disabilities. Philadelphia Coordinated Health Care This organization in Philadelphia helps people with intellectual disabilities access health care.

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They have a great website with information for self-advocates, families, and DSPs. This is about helping people build happier lives. Project Hope This website has information about how to get help with mental health needs. It is prepared for DSPs who support people with intellectual disabilities. Behavior intervention, psychoactive medications, psychiatric methods, mental health, and person-centered support strategies are common topics. Refrigerator Mothers This video shares stories of women who raised children with autism in the s and 60s.

Back then, mothers were blamed if their sons or daughters had autism. Report on the State of Science on Health Risks and Aging in People with Intellectual Disabilities This paper summarizes all the research done on aging and people with intellectual disabilities done over the preceeding 15 years. It is written at a complex reading level.

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Social Disabilities in the Workplace This is a CD about helping people whose disabilities make it hard to "fit-in" at work. Also discussed are the challenges faced in various settings including the mental health center, the home and the community.

Recognising symptoms of mental illness in adults with an intellectual disability

What is Bipolar Illness Anyway? Level: Intermediate This CD is about bipolar disorder. It was prepared by a group that helps people who have intellectual disabilities and mental health needs. Organizations, Programs, and Projects Active Minds This is a student run organization on college campuses that educates students about mental health.

Autism Research Institute This research institute provides a variety of research, information and resources on autism for individuals, families and providers around the world. Center for Disability Information and Referral This Center is a primary source of quality information on disability for residents of Indiana. Healthy Lifestyles for People with Disabilities These three-day workshops help people with disabilities learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Mountain Regional Services, Inc. National Alliance on Mental Illness This organization advocates and educates across the US to help people with mental health disabilities.

It provides some services and is located in Tennessee. Woodbine House Woodbine House is a publishing company that has books about people with disabilities and also about special health needs.

Please make a nomination to this department. Health and Safety. It is written to direct support professionals. Guidebook on Helping Persons with Mental Retardation Mourn This book helps in supporting people during times of loss, such as a death, job or residential change, and other situations that cause bad feelings. Intellectual Disability Mental Health First Aid Manual 2nd edition This booklet teaches how to respond to mental health issues in people who have intellectual disabilities. Intellectual Disability Psychiatry: A Practical Handbook This book explains mental health problems as they occur in people with intellectual disabilities.

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Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder This book provides information about young children who have sensory processing difficulties. Active Minds This is a student run organization on college campuses that educates students about mental health.

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