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Please note that all these safety guidelines are not relevant to every internal radiotherapy treatment. The radiotherapy safety measures can add to the worries you might already have about your treatment. But it's important to remember that in everyday life we are all exposed to a small amount of radiation, and this doesn't harm us. There are also safety limits for radiation and national guidelines that anyone using radiation has to follow. People are different in the way they handle their worries. Some find it easier to know everything about their treatment, while others like to know as little as possible.

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You can speak to your doctor, nurse or radiographer if you need them to explain anything. It often helps to bring your fears and worries into the open by talking to the staff, or to your family and friends. Staying in hospital in a single room can be lonely. It can help to talk to your nurses about your worries. They can reassure you.

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Taking in some of your personal things can make the room on the ward feel more homely. You can also take in a mobile phone, laptop, electronic tablet or music player to make the time pass more enjoyably. You might not be able to take personal items to the room on the ward. This is because the items could become contaminated with radioactivity from your sweat.

Quality & Safety in Radiation Therapy (QSRT): Education Course Preview Series

Wards, nuclear medicine departments and radiotherapy departments have limited storage space for contaminated articles. Sometimes a moist wipe can be used to clean your personal items so that they aren't radioactive. The staff let you know what you can and can't bring in beforehand.


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Skip to main content. General cancer information. General cancer information Treatment for cancer Radiotherapy Internal radiotherapy. Why are safety procedures needed? With some types of internal radiotherapy you'll be slightly radioactive afterwards. The Ministry sets codes of safe practice for radiation use. Radiation users must comply with these codes to be licenced.

Radiation Oncology Targeting Cancer Information for patients on their treatment options and what to expect when they receive radiation therapy. Cancer Society The Cancer Society provides information on different kinds of cancer and cancer treatment.

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Medical exposure to radiation Medical imaging Radiation treatment. Radiation treatment radiotherapy. There are two kinds of radiation treatment. External beam treatment, which uses a targeted beam of radiation to destroy the cancer cells. Internal radiation treatment.

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This is treatment with either: a radioactive implant brachytherapy placed next to or within the cancer cells a radioactive liquid which you drink or are injected with. Safety of radiation treatment Side effects Radiation treatment has side effects. Radiation treatment can also increase your chances of getting cancer again in the future.