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Alex Gendler is a freelance writer, editor, and translator with specialties ranging from history and political theory to internet culture and animal …. Derick Varn returns this week in order to debate the question of whether the Soviet Union was or was not State Capitalism. Varn is, of course, the ….

Radical thinkers: Alain Badiou's Ethics

This episode is available in full through the Inside …. Thaddeus Russell is a historian, author, and professor. He has taught history, American Studies, and the history of philosophy at Columbia …. His book Against the Web: A …. Chris Cutrone took on a variety of relatively hostile questions for a few hours.

This is part one and is available for everyone. Derick …. Dan's podcast, "The …. The Serfs are internet comedians who turn their biting wit against the true enemies of the working class: i. Joe Rogan, Pewdiepie, and Liam Neeson. Their names are Lance and Dave and they put out a podcast and youtube ….

Chapter II - The Route to Normal Science.

The Knowledge Fight …. They pivot to more arcane topics, beginning with Trotsky and …. Terry Tapp is the artist and author behind the Lungfish project. He is the Zero Books author …. Amogh Sahu returns for a conversation about escaping from identity politics, Marxism's "liberal" roots, and whether pessimism is justified? Nikos Sotirakopoulos and Ashley Frawley join Doug in this special, mostly unedited, episode of the Zero Squared podcast. This was recorded on the fly …. Alternatives examines the countercultural, or ….

Professor Heidi Matthews researches and teaches in the areas of international criminal law, the law of war, international legal history and political ….

Derick Varn discusses formal and dialectical logic with Ben Burgis. How successful can logic be against right-wing logic bros? How successful can a …. In this episode of the Zero Books podcast we continue our conversation about Karl Marx, Capital, and an …. Derick Varn continues his interview with the hosts of the Left Anchor podcast. Tracey is also a member of a …. Derick Varn continues his conversation withTad Tietze about anti-politics. Adam Proctor is the host of the Dead Pundits society and the guest on this week's episode of the Zero Squared podcast.

Adam and I discuss just what a social democrat looks like, the base vs. Derick Varn talks to Tad Tietze about anti-politics. Andrew Wallis is a freelance journalist, academic, and author, and a leading expert in the African Great Lakes Region, especially Rwanda. His …. C Derick Varn continues his conversation with Ed Simon.

Welcome to a special edition of the Zero Books podcast. Ashley Frawley is a member of the Zero Books team and this week she is the host of the Zero Books podcast. Frawley, being interested in Marxist crisis theory, ….

Zero Squared #158: Metamodernism

Friend of the podcast Mark Rainey joins Derick Varn to discuss Capital Volumes 2 and 3, and the obscure academic battles that are often ignored on …. This week's Symptomatic Redness features a conversation with Donald Parkinson. Parkinson was formerly of the Communist League of Tampa and the Swampside podcast, and he discusses the state of the radical socialist left ….

This week she also the guest on the podcast as we discuss the …. C Derick Varn and JG Michaels investigate the difference between left and right-wing conspiracy theories. The Regrettable …. On our Patreon feed, you can hear the entirety of this interview with the hosts of the A Regrettable Century Podcast. The Regrettable Century podcast ….

Symptomatic Redness is a podcast about political economy and historical analysis hosted by C. Derick Varn and Amogh Sahu and this week's podcast …. Derick Varn and Amogh Sahu and this week's teaser …. C Derick Varn is the guest this week as we finally got around to discussing our differences on the topic of liberal values and the future of the enlightenment project. It is also a holiday special …. Margaret Kimberley is a columnist and editor for the Black Agenda report and a longtime friend of the podcast.

This week she returns to discuss …. Ben Burgis is a philosophy professor at Rutgers, a science fiction writer whose work has appeared in publications such as Tor.


Zero Books author Rob Larson returns to discuss his most recent writing project on the digital landscape and capitalism. In this episode, we …. Mir Bal is the host of the A Lost Cause podcast out of Sweden, he is also a former social worker turned barista, an immigrant, and a socialist.

He joins the Zero Books podcast in order to discuss immigration to the ….

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Amir of Cold Dark Stars joins C Derick Varn to discuss the over-complexity of capitalism, planning, and understanding dynamic systems. Amir is a …. The following podcast was recorded at the request of a former Zero Books author named Nicolas Hausdorf after I mentioned on my blog that, in light of …. Aimee Terese is a socialist, a law student, the co-host of the Dead Pundits Society, and a Metoo heretic. Should …. Virgil Texas and Matt Christman are two of the five co-hosts from the hugely popular leftist podcast Chapo Trap House and they stopped by the Zero ….

Glenn Loury is a Merton P. He is also a future Zero Books author with a book in …. KMO is the host of the C-Realm podcast, a show that has been appearing weekly online for over a decade, an actor, an author and has recently returned to cartooning. GEBB is the …. In part one of a two part conservation, J.

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Maybe the best one I've seen. Chronic Neo-Lysenkoism and other pathologies of the left-dominated academy are patiently detailed by John Tierney. Kevin Williamson targets the cultural obstacles to federalism on the left:. It is less important to them that California is allowed to be California than that Texas should be forbidden to be Texas.

Spontaneous AI crypto- competence.

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Morality without romance. African attitudes to Chinese influence. Cyberfeminism and Xenofeminism chat leaves definite impression the former was more market-friendly. Sorry, but I just don't think 'because… neoliberalism! More on Internet-driven reality shopping, and ideologically-loaded cultural speciation:. It is the beauty and the tragedy of the Internet age. As it becomes easier for anyone to build their own audience, it becomes harder for those audience members to separate fact from fiction from the gray area in between.