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Operational GR. Mk 1 models were divided across four nuclear attack squadrons based out of Bruggen in Germany and operated under the banners of Squadron No.

Additional deliveries made up the inventories of the No. Squadron No. The T. Mk 2 was eventually upgraded to the T.


The Jaguar GR. Mk 1 was identifiable by its wedge-shaped nose assembly French Jaguars had decidedly rounded noses as well as a pod-like structure affixed to the vertical tail fin. In the cockpit, the pilot was assisted by both a Heads-Up Display HUD providing relevant performance and mission information and a "look-down" moving-map display. The GR. Mk 1 production model was later upgraded to the GR. Mk 1As were themselves upgraded to the GR. The upgraded GR. Mk 3 production model spawned an upgraded trainer derivative in the T.

Mk 4 two-seat model. Mk 2B trainers 2 examples. An interim form existed as the GR.

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As a close-support platform, the Jaguar would be charged with accomplishing most of her battlefield work at low-to-middle altitude levels. As such, low-speed handling was a necessity for the pilot to allow for accurate ordnance delivery. After some operational practice, low-speed handling was further enhanced with the inclusion of double-slotted flaps fitted to the entire running length of the wing trailing edges. The Jaguar A and Jaguar S models both fielded a retractable refueling probe along the starboard side of the forward fuselage to assist in in-flight refueling, further increasing operational ranges.

Jaguar Force - 6 Squadron

Some Jaguar B models for the French held a fixed refueling probe in the nose as did some export production Jaguars. The Jaguar B model was the two-seat trainer version that fitted a second cockpit along an elongated fuselage. These airframes were completed with their full avionics suites and navigation systems but were sans the lasers that provided for their true war-making capacity.

Additionally, the trainer models also lost the starboard side 30mm cannon, lacked radar warning receivers and were delivered without the in-flight refueling probes. It is of note that the Jaguar in RAF service was not fitted with powerful radar to help in interception sorties as were the major mounts of the Cold War and they did not incorporate much of what made their McDonnell F-4 Phantom IIs such potent war machines.

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However, the Jaguar was still seen as an overall improvement considering the British need for she delivered a flexible weapons suite capable of accurate targeting in all-weather situations and her low-level flying at Mach 1 speed made her increasingly difficult to target and intercept by a given enemy. Consistent with other European aircraft designs, the Jaguar was also given excellent STOL capabilities that allowed her to utilize stretches of roadways as emergency airstrips in the event of all-out war in Europe.

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Jaguar armament was highly flexible across two underwing hardpoints and a centerline underfuselage placement. The aircraft could field air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, conventional drop bombs, laser-guided bombs and rocket pods as needed. The high wings made for relatively easy access to each underwing hardpoint.


For close-in work, there were a pair of 30mm cannons fitted under the cockpit floor with rounds per gun. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm only asking about aerodynamics, not AESA radars , electronics suites and so on. Is it inferior at all? In a paper by Ray Whitford on fighter design he published a comparison study between the conventional Jaguar and an advanced version optimised for relaxed static stability. The improved version is slightly unstable at subsonic speeds and much less stable at supersonic speeds, resulting in much less horizontal tail downforce and reduced size of all lifting surfaces.

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Both configurations have the same airfield and combat performance! However, the smaller surfaces and the reduced trim drag improve performance noticeably. Note that this optimization was for the ground attack role; an optimized fighter version would had maintained a larger wing and horizontal tail for higher agility. Jaguar is a highly capable aircraft with designated nuclear strike role In RAF and IAF - not something that would be assigned to 'inferior' aircraft.

If you are comparing the Jaguar with modern multirole aircraft like Gripen , the point is that the Jaguar was designed for a completely different set of roles compared to these aircraft. Finally, they ended up with a supersonic, low level deep penetration strike aircraft, which performed its role perfectly well. However, the airframe is based on a French trainer, the Breguet Br.

Breguet Br. The similarities are obvious from the above image. Because of its design, it had higher wing loading- leading to reduced maneuverability, but improving stability and munitions carrying capability ar low altitudes, where it is supposed to operate. Customer reviews. Your opinion. Recommended additions. Sepecat Jaguar speed brakes Kitty Hawk. Add to shopping cart.

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