Sound Ideas: Music, Machines, and Experience (Theory Out Of Bounds)

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Theory Out of Bounds

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There are currents of idealism throughout Indian philosophy , ancient and modern. Hindu idealism often takes the form of monism or non-dualism , espousing the view that a unitary consciousness is the essence or meaning of the phenomenal reality and plurality. Buddhist idealism on the other hand is more epistemic and is not a metaphysical monism, which Buddhists consider eternalistic and hence not the middle way between extremes espoused by the Buddha.

This sukta espouses panentheism by presenting cosmic being Purusha as both pervading all universe and yet being transcendent to it. Idealist notions have been propounded by the Vedanta schools of thought, which use the Vedas, especially the Upanishads as their key texts. There are various sub schools of Vedanta, like Advaita Vedanta non-dual , Vishishtadvaita and Bhedabheda Vedanta difference and non-difference. The schools of Vedanta all attempt to explain the nature and relationship of Brahman universal soul or Self and Atman individual self , which they see as the central topic of the Vedas.

Advaita Vedanta is a major sub school of Vedanta which holds a non-dual Idealistic metaphysics. The world and all beings or souls in it have no separate existence from Brahman, universal consciousness, and the seemingly independent soul jiva is identical to Brahman. Dvaita school of Vedanta by Madhvacharya maintains the opposing view that the world is real and eternal. It also argues that real atman fully depends and reflection of independent brahman.