The Drowning Girl

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It is one of those very few novels that one wishes would never end. Valente, New York Times bestselling author of Deathless. Read An Excerpt. Kiernan By Caitlin R.


Kiernan Best Seller. Paperback —. Add to Cart. Also by Caitlin R. See all books by Caitlin R. About Caitlin R. Kiernan Caitlin R.

The Drowning Girl

Lichtenstein's method entailed "strengthening of the formal aspects of the composition, a stylization of motif, and a 'freezing' of both emotion and actions". Narrative content was in the forefront of much of Lichtenstein's work as a means to engage the viewer. The melodrama makes it clear that she has been hurt by a "Brad", the name given to several of Lichtenstein's heroes. In typical Lichtenstein fashion, the tragic female is presented "in a suspended state of distress. His use of industrial and mechanical appearance further trivialize the sentiments, [42] although the painterly touches add to its simplification.

In the early s Lichtenstein's theme of comics-based work was hotly debated. In a New York Times article, Brian O'Doherty wrote that Lichtenstein's work was not art, saying Lichtenstein was "one of the worst artists in America" who "briskly went about making a sow's ear out of a sow's ear. Todd Brewster noted that this may have been motivated by popular demand; he told Life in that "Those cartoon blowups may have disturbed the critics, but collectors, tired of the solemnity of abstract expressionism, were ready for some comic relief.

Why couldn't the funny pages be fine art? Some critics question Lichtenstein's artistic skills. Everett Kinstler said that despite Lichtenstein's association with romance comics, in his day "no comics publisher would have hired Lichtenstein—he wasn't good enough.

Drowning Girl was painted at the apex of Lichtenstein's use of enlarged dots, cropping, and magnification of the original source. Guggenheim Museum curator Diane Waldman noted that Lichtenstein made Drowning Girl a cornerstone of his career because of "his extraordinary sense of organization, his ability to use a sweeping curve and manipulate it into an allover pattern". Lichtenstein's tinkering with the source material resulted in a recomposition with sharper focus after he eliminated several elements that distract from the depiction of the woman, such as the capsized boat, troubled male subject and the general seascape.

The result, Lanchner wrote, was swirling, swooping waves and "animate white foam" that envelope the subject with a "pictorial buoyancy" that form an "aquatic continuum". Drowning Girl presents an "unmistakeable acknowledgement to the flamboyant linearism of Art Nouveau ". I don't do it just because it is another reference.

They do things like the little Hokusai waves in the Drowning Girl. I saw it and then pushed it a little further until it was a reference that most people will get Thus, Lichtenstein reinforced a non-realist view of comic strips and advertisements, presenting them as artificial images with minimalistic graphic techniques.

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Lichtenstein's magnification of his source material stressed the plainness of his motifs as an equivalent to mechanical commercial drawing, leading to implications about his statements on modern industrial America. Nonetheless, Lichtenstein appears to have accepted the American capitalist industrial culture.

In , Sarah Rich and Joyce Henri Robinson contrasted Lichtenstein's Ben-Day dots use in Drowning Girl with another artist's work, noting that the work "satirizes the melodrama of soap operas and serial comics, turning the drama of the title figure's potential suicide into a high camp performance". In , Lanchner wrote of how Lichtenstein's translation of a "highly charged" content with coolly handled presentation intensified the contrast between the two. Many sources describe Whaam!

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Highlights from the piece exhibition according to various publications such as The New York Times and artnet were van Gogh 's Starry Night , Matisse 's Dance and Lichtenstein's Drowning Girl , all of which were touring outside the United States for the first time. He notes that the subject is reaching far-flung depths as she acts out of pride. With that in mind, he compares the tears to ejaculate residue.

MoMA | Roy Lichtenstein. Drowning Girl.

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